A NATIVE OF BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, Thomas Nelson Miller received his early education in the Birmingham public school system. He received his Bachelors degree from Jarvis Christian College in 1972.

Reverend Miller began his teaching career soon after leaving Jarvis Christian College, in the Birmingham Public School System in Birmingham, Alabama. Reverend Miller spent his career teaching at Putnam Middle School and other schools within the Birmingham City School system, where he is now retired. He is the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Kingston, where he has been since April 12, 1976 and delivering his Official Sermon April 17, 1976. He has been dedicated 35 years and continues to keep his motto "Love Is What Love Does!" With this love Reverend Miller continues to move his congregation forward always looking for good things in the future.

Reverend Miller has an extensive record of service in the religious field. He articulated his faith through preaching the word of GOD, with his music, singing, playing the piano and organ, where he actively takes on these many roles at First Baptist Church of Kingston. He is a member of several religious organizations in the Birmingham area, which he enjoys and is active throughout the area. When called upon, Reverend Miller is always ready to work for any and all things in the name of The Father. .Reverend Miller has brought his congregation from the past, to the present and will continue to, through the future, with God leading.

THE PAST is finished and laid away, THE PRESENT we're living every day. The third and last of the volumes, THE FUTURE, is hid from sight - GOD HOLDS THE KEY.


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